Tales of Resistance - The Battle for the Newbury Bypass

A documentary by Jamie Lowe.

The story of the 1996 battle to stop the building of the Newbury Bypass, told from the activist’s point of view.

Created from hundreds of hours of footage, as well as contemporary interviews, it has been distilled into an evocative and historic film.

A defining account that shines a light on the people whose actions ultimately blocked a government road building programme.

Review in the Camden New Journal (29.3.2018)

• Designs inspired by the the protests can be purchased here.

“So much was written at the time about the Great Mighty Eco-Warriors being so fearlessly altruistic, but the people themselves got missed out. Journalists told of what it meant, but not what it was like…”

Merrick, Battle for the Trees (1996)


“I’d kept my sleeping bag half unzipped so I could stay ‘clipped on’; the umbilical cow’s tail of my climbing harness winding out and securing me to a separate loop of rope tied to a branch. Sleeping in your harness isn’t much fun though, so the next day I pulled up two sheets of corrugated iron and wedged them against the framework of the treehouse to form a safe, windproof corner. The house was still the barest of frames; two levels of four-by-two timber lashed in a rectangle around the trunk. Two plywood boards helped form the floor, with a blue plastic tarp for the roof.”

Jim Hindle, Nine Miles